Religious Studies Forums

Religious Studies is an academic discipline devoted to the study of religion in general and to specific world religions in particular, investigating such dimensions of religion as scripture and myth, experience, belief, ritual, ethics, institutions, and material culture. It employs an interdisciplinary and comparative methodology that borrows from and has influenced a broad array of other fields.

College of Agriculture Presentations

For more than 50 years, the College of Agriculture at California State University, Chico has impacted the quality of life in California and across the nation by educating and equipping agricultural leaders who have the theoretical knowledge, practical experience, and decision-making ability that allows them to excel in their chosen career. The close, friendly nature of the College, combined with an integrated agricultural curriculum and remarkable access to hands-on education, creates a fertile learning environment for our students and the agriculture industry we serve.

Political Science Forums

The mission of the Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice is to provide students with the educational experiences and environment to become familiar with and competent in the attitudes, subjects, and skills of the discipline of political science, the capacity to attain career success that allows them to utilize the knowledge, skills, and judgment acquired in our programs, and a sense of civic responsibility.


Philosophy Forums

Philosophy majors address the fundamental questions by developing foundational cognitive skills. They learn to question the things most people take for granted and they learn how to go about pursuing the answers to those questions. The great virtue of philosophy is that it teaches not what to think, but how to think. Because of this, a philosophical education is a valuable foundation for just about any career and just about any sort of life. The Philosophy online forums gives everyone that same opportunity.


Interdisciplinary Center on Aging Presentations

CSU, Chico’s Interdisciplinary Center on Aging (ICOA) sponsors talks and workshops on campus by current faculty and guest speakers.

The ICOA was established to serve the ever-growing aging needs of Northern California. With the assets and unique characteristics of CSU, Chico and its service region, the ICOA strives towards developing and demonstrating the best practices for meeting the challenges and maximizing the opportunities of an aging society

Humanities Center

The Humanities Center in the CSU, Chico College of Humanities and Fine Arts was founded in 1999. Its mission is to stimulate the life of the mind among faculty, students, and the community at large, by creating and nurturing an interdisciplinary intellectual culture of ideas. Towards that end, it chooses each year a theme to explore and invites speakers from within and outside the University to speak on topics related to this theme.

Geological & Environmental Sciences Seminar: The Japan Disaster

The CSU, Chico Geological and Environmental Sciences Department offers three bachelor’s degrees and two master’s degrees in the academic disciplines of environmental science, geology, and geosciences. The Department also provides training for students who wish to become single-subject science teachers as well as for a certificate in hydrology. All disciplines within the department are directed toward understanding the terrestrial system from the core of the Earth to beyond our solar system.

Communication & Education Faculty Research Colloquiums

The Communication Studies program is committed to fostering an understanding and examination of the crucial role of communication in human relationships, organizations, cultures, society, and civic affairs, and to developing students’ personal and professional communication skills. The faculty is committed to promoting ethical, responsible, and effective communication and to preparing students for their roles as citizens in a democratic society and as citizens of the world.

Anthropology Online Academic Forums

The study of Anthropology promotes an understanding of self and of all humanity by exploring human nature from its beginnings to the present. There is perhaps no single field of study that can better prepare students to cope with the challenges of the 21st century than anthropology. Confronted with increasing global population, rapid technological change, rising tides of nationalism, and economic globalization, many look to the future with uncertainty. Anthropology provides understanding and answers based on a century of exploring the development of human nature, society, and culture.

Connect • Learn • Engage Webinars

Regional & Continuing Education introduces Connect • Learn • Engage, a forum that aims to bring together campus faculty, staff, and students with subject experts from around the globe. Using webinars and two-way video, Connect • Learn • Engage aims to strengthen and expand the resources of the University to provide access to personal and professional development resources and respond to lifelong learning needs.