Health and Community Services Online Academic Forums

The Health and Community Services Department provides students with a multi-disciplinary, competency, and service based program. Students learn to work effectively in diverse communities, healthcare financing and delivery systems, and health organizations to meet emerging national and global health needs.  Programs include health education, health services administration, environmental health, and gerontology.

Geography and Planning Online Academic Forums

The study of geography invites critical and creative thinking about our impact on earth, the equitable distribution of resources, and sustainable livelihoods across the globe. The Department of Geography and Planning provides students with opportunities to practice critical spatial thinking and research skills using advanced technologies in geographic information sciences, cartography, remote sensing, and planning.

Economics Online Academic Forums

The mission of the economics program is to provide students with the intellectual and analytical tools necessary to function in a dynamic economy. Students are given training in qualitative and quantitative methodology to facilitate understanding of economic theory and policy, as well as the ability to apply that theory to the real world. Students will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to enter graduate or law school and/or to facilitate a career path in business, finance, government, education, non-profits, and public policy.

School of Social Work Forums

The practice of social work actively seeks out and develops peoples’ capacities by reaching for strengths in individuals, families, organizations, communities, and society as a whole. Social work rests on the firm belief that all people are of equal value and that every person possesses the capacity to face challenges and to grow and change. People experience “problems in living” when life presents them with challenges of an historical, institutional, interpersonal, or intrapersonal nature.

International Languages, Literatures & Cultures Forums

The mission of the International Languages, Literatures and Cultures Department is to build, support, and enhance a teaching and learning community through instruction, scholarship, service, and community outreach in the area of foreign languages, literatures and cultures.  As part of Regional & Continuing Education’s efforts to bring more on-campus events to our online students – and to the community at large – the department’s presentations below are now available online.

International Languages, Literatures & Cultures Forums


History Roundtables

The mission of the Department of History is to provide students with knowledge about the origins and development of peoples in the past, as well as to develop their ability to conduct research, analyze evidence, and express defensible conclusions orally and in writing. History majors will be prepared for successful professional careers as secondary teachers, college or university professors, journalists, lawyers, civil servants, and historians in government and private agencies.

Computer Graphics Club Speakers

The Department of Computer Science and the Computer Graphics Club prepares students for successful professional careers in applied science, engineering, and technology. The faculty educate their students to be successful leaders and innovators, capable of meeting complex challenges. The goal is to shape the college mission through their values: teach, mentor, motivate and challenge students in a rich learning environment, focusing on engagement and creativity for a new generation of problem solvers for a sustainable future.

Connect • Learn • Engage

Regional & Continuing Education is home to Connect • Learn • Engage, a forum that aims to Connect campus faculty, staff, and students; Learn from subject experts from around the globe; and Engage the content. Using webinars past and present, recorded forums, and two-way video, Connect • Learn • Engage aims to strengthen and expand the resources of the University to provide access to personal and professional development resources and respond to lifelong learning needs.

Sustainability Presentation Recordings

Sustainability Presentations

CSU, Chico’s Institute for Sustainable Development sponsors talks on campus by current faculty and guest speakers. In our continuing effort to bring more on-campus events to our online students — and to the community at large — we are recording these talks and putting them online. The Institute also features guest speakers at the annual This Way to Sustainability conference at CSU, Chico.

Religious Studies Forums

Religious Studies is an academic discipline devoted to the study of religion in general and to specific world religions in particular, investigating such dimensions of religion as scripture and myth, experience, belief, ritual, ethics, institutions, and material culture. It employs an interdisciplinary and comparative methodology that borrows from and has influenced a broad array of other fields.