Northern California Autism Symposium 2017

Northern California Autism Symposium 2017 Presentation Materials

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Presentation Slides

Thank you to the presenters who made their presentation slides available! All files are pdf format.

Overview of Eating Behavior and Nutrition Concerns

Veronica VanCleave-Hunt | Nutrition and Food Science Graduate, Student Coordinator of the Autism Clinic Teen Group Food Lab

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Relationship Building that Encourages Family Participation and Empowerment

Johanne Carreau | Training Director, Parent Infant Programs

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A Grassroots Approach to Parent Support

April Qian | Chinese Support Group
Chioko Juliette Grevious | African American Support Group
Maribel Hernandez | Latino/Hispanic Support Group
EunMi Cho | Korean Support Group
UC Davis MIND Institute, Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities

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Unraveling Neurodevelopmental and Behavioral Disorders

Dr. Drew Vercellino, DC

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CAPTAIN Evidence Based Practices: Tools & Resources Overview

Cathy Wyman | Inclusion Support Specialist, Chico Unified School District

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Building Bridges: Establishing Effective Partnerships with Parents of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Joan Goodreau | Parent/Program Specialist
Dr. Teri Todd | Assistant Professor, CSU, Northridge

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Presentation Videos

The Nurtured Heart Approach

Ms. Meagan Dixon | Advanced Nurtured Heart Trainer, Children’s Success Foundation

The Nurtured Heart Approach Presented by Megan Dixon at the 2017 Northern California Austism Symposium

Incorporating Social Skills in Movement Activities

Amelia Simpson | Graduate Student, Oregon State University

Incorporating Social Skills in Movement Activities Presented by Amelia Simpson at the 2017 Northern California Autism Symposium

Keynote Presentation

John Elder Robison