Week of March 27, 2016

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Deans Cup ALCI Chico Soccer TournamentThe American Language and Culture Institute (ALCI Chico) in association with WREC Sports, invites spectators to the 5th Annual Dean’s Cup Co-ed Soccer Tournament, Saturday, April 2nd, 11:00 AM on the Yolo recreation fields, Chico State campus.


Summer Session Keeps You Cruising!

FIX A FLAT DAY! is an annual Chico State Summer Session sponsored sustainability event dedicated to getting bikes with flat tires back on the road.

Join us!

Wednesday, March 30, 1 - 3 pm
@ the AS Bike Cart on Trinity Commons.


How you answer “Who started the Cold War?” depends on how you define the Cold War. Some scholars view it as a struggle between two powerful countries for world dominance. Another view holds that U.S. leaders perceived the Soviet Union as a threat to the security of the United States and reacted defensively. A mirror image holds that Soviet leaders perceived the United States as a threat to their country’s security.

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