Week of January 25, 2015

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This is a class to help support the Peer Mentors be as effective as possible with the peer leaders teaching classes. In this class we will learn and practice the art of coaching. Peer Mentors will learn how to ask questions of the mentees that can guide the mentee into better relationships with their and stronger teaching of their subject. Skills learned will be demonstrated, guided, and practiced. If you’ve ever had someone, mentee, spouse, child, in-law or someone else who just didn’t seem to “get it,” coaching is really an effective way to work with your momentary nemesis.


The OLLI Curriculum Committee will host a Peer Leader Orientation Workshop for OLLI peer leaders and those considering leading a class. We will distribute personalized course packets containing class rosters, audio visual inventory sheets, a very important safety procedures sheet and your OLLI Peer Leader name badge.

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